Rockefeller University Research Assistant, Neuroendocrinology in New York, New York

Job Title Research Assistant, Neuroendocrinology

Employment Status

Laboratory / Department Neuroendocrinology

Department Description

We take an integrated, interdisciplinary approach in our work, combining behavioral analysis and measurements of hormone levels with neurochemical, morphological, neuro- pharmacological, cellular and molecular methodologies. Studies are under way to investigate cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of stress and sex hormones on neurogenesis, synaptogenesis and dendritic remodeling in the hippocampal region of the adult brain.

Detailed Description

The Research Assistant will be involved in the study of stress-induced neuroplasticity with an emphasis on understanding its role in neuropsychiatric disorders. Will acquire experience working with transgenic mouse lines and numerous molecular biology techniques. Responsibilities include husbandry and maintenance of a colony of transgenic mice, performing rodent behavioral tests and analysis, and performing biochemical and molecular biology assays including: immunohistochemistry, DNA/RNA purification, qRT-PCR, Western blotting, ELISA, and in-situ hybridization. Will be working on a project to understand the effects of gene x environment interactions, particularly early life stress, on the development of anxiety and depressive-like behaviors and their neurobiological correlates. The Research Assistant will also be expected to contribute to a project examining sex differences in addiction, specifically how stress and opioid exposure can change the brain.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree in science required; emphasis in biology preferred. Must be highly motivated, comfortable working with rodents, and have a strong interest in behavioral neuroscience.

Additional Details