Rockefeller University Research Support Aide in New York, New York

Job Title Research Support Aide

Employment Status Full Time

Laboratory / Department Glasswashing Services

Department Description

Glasswashing Services provides University Laboratories with high quality, efficient washing, baking, and autoclaving of laboratory glassware - a service that is essential to the conduct of the University's research. The facility provides pick-up and delivery directly to the laboratory, generally as a same day service. Services include washing, drying, baking, sterilization, pipette plugging, and autoclaving of liquids. Glasswashing Services is available for regular, ongoing glasswashing services as well as provision of temporary and emergency backup services for Laboratories when their staff is on vacation or equipment is down for servicing.

Detailed Description

The Research Support Aide will be responsible for picking-up and delivering glassware to various labs in multiple locations, arranging with labs for pickup and delivery of pipettes for calibration, washing and preparing items for sterilization, including proper packing and labeling, and operating glass washers, dryers, ovens, and sterilization machines, and paying attention to preset time and temperature settings for various items. Will be responsible for daily communication with customers, troubleshooting to address concerns or questions related to job responsibilities, documenting customer requests and responding as needed, mailing and handling packages, and requesting reordering of supplies. Will maintain the cleanliness of work station and equipment daily and weekly and restock supplies.

Job Requirements

High School diploma or equivalent required; a minimum of one year of experience in a laboratory setting strongly preferred. Must have strong spoken and written communication skills as well as basic computer skills. The ability to maintain scheduled work hours of operations and work as part of a cohesive team required.

Additional Details