Rockefeller University Scientific Systems Administrator in New York, New York

Job Title Scientific Systems Administrator

Employment Status Full Time

Laboratory / Department Structural Biophysics and Mechanobiology

Department Description

Detailed Description

The Scientific Systems Administrator will support computing systems and applications used for macromolecular structure determination. Will work with the High Performance Computing Group (HPC) and will primarily support Rockefeller's structural biology labs. Responsibilities include building and maintaining scientific computing workstations, in particular those with advanced GPU computing capabilities, installation of open source software packages, both via package managers and compiling from source code, benchmarking and optimizing performance of applications, advising on and consistently implementing best practices across the labs' computing systems, including the implementation of a homogeneous computing environment, assisting in the organization and curation of large scientific datasets, collaborating with researchers to develop scripts that automate scientific computing workflows, and general technical support of the labs' scientific computing systems and applications.

Job Requirements

A bachelor's degree in computer science or a bachelor's degree in biological, physical sciences, engineering, or mathematics combined with relevant experience required. Must be fluent in at least one variant of the Linux operating system and have experience compiling and installing open-source software with complex dependencies. Experience working with high-performance graphics and remote visualization, including OpenGL and remote screen sharing tools such as X2Go, preferred. Proficiency in shell scripting and demonstrated knowledge of a least one high-level scripting language such as Python essential. Basic knowledge of network operation and troubleshooting and common TCP/IP tools and configuration parameters (e.g. ping, traceroute, subnet masking, ssh) required. Knowledge of and/or experience with parallel computing frameworks, ideally including at least one of the following concepts: shared memory multi-threaded computing; SIMD/MIMD models; MPI; job scheduling and distributed parallel computing on High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. Must have experience working with and supporting computers running Windows and Max OS X computing systems, especially with regard to their interoperation with Linux systems. Previous experience providing outstanding user support in an academic research environment desired.

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