Rockefeller University Bioinformatics Assistant in New York, New York

Job Title Bioinformatics Assistant

Laboratory / Department Molecular Immunology

Department Description

We pursue a combination of biochemical, molecular and genetic approaches to define the checkpoints that regulate B cell development, antibody production and B cell tolerance. A second area of interest is in dendritic cells. Our interests range from the earliest phases of the B cell pathway, including the commitment to becoming a B cell through the completion of maturation. Our ongoing work includes a focus on mechanisms of V(D)J recombination, somatic mutation, isotype switching, allelic exclusion and tolerance.

Detailed Description

The Bioinformatics Assistant will be responsible for maintaining the existing server infrastructure of the lab in collaboration with our IT department, maintaining the existing analysis pipelines, and continually identifying novel tools and annotation databases to improve the efficiency, sensitivity, and functionality of the results.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree in computational biology, computer science, biological sciences or other related analytical discipline required. Must have excellent programming skills in at least one scripting language such as Perl, Python or R, and knowledge of SQL. Must be comfortable working in a Unix/Linux operating system, have knowledge of command line tools, ability to multitask while working independently and exercising good judgement in terms of meeting deadlines, ability to maintain well documented and tested code, and ability to thoroughly document analysis results. Must be motivated to learn new technologies, contribute towards publications in peer-reviewed journals, and have strong communication skills with the ability to interact with other researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds. Experience in scientific programming with applications to biomedical research, preferably in the area of genomics and next-generation sequencing analysis.

Additional Details

The Rockefeller University is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans