Rockefeller University Director in New York, New York

Job: IRC22234


Job Title Director

Laboratory / Department Electron Microscopy Resource Center

Department Description

Research Support is responsible for administrative oversight of the University's materials management, environmental health and safety, and ten scientific core facilities. Research Support plays a lead role in University wide emergency preparedness, core facility initiatives and opportunities, and campus sustainability measures. Research Support also plays lead and key support roles in a number of scientific compliance areas including work with human stem cells, recombinant DNA, and hazardous laboratory materials.

Detailed Description

The Director will be responsible for applying electron microscopy (EM) techniques to research questions on a wide range of biological specimens, including viruses, bacteria, cultured cells, and animal and plant tissues. Will provide day-to-day management and financial oversight of the EM service and staff, selection, installation, maintenance of new high-end equipment to ensure that the University is constantly at the forefront of imaging technology, outreach, education and instruction for users, and attending national and international meetings to keep up-to-date with current technologies. Will prepare periodic reports and report on Center's operations to faculty and administration. Will interact with the heads of other Resource Centers as needed on issues of common interest, with emphasis on coordination with the Senior Director of the Bio-Imaging Resource Center and the Senior Staff Scientist overseeing the Cryo-EM Resource Center. Will pursue instrumentation grants and research grants in collaboration with faculty and the AVP of Research Support and coordinate with development to identify and seek private funding opportunities for the EMRC. Will work on public relations and outreach (in coordination with Office of Research Support) to promote awareness of and interest in the EMRC both on- and off-campus.

Job Requirements

Ph.D. required; educational emphasis in Biology or closely related field preferred. Advanced knowledge of and hands-on experience in technologies represented in the EMRC including standard transmission electron microscopes equipped with CCD cameras; Scanning electron microscope with field-emission electron gun; Cryo- and room temperature ultramicrotomes; High-pressure freezing and freeze-substitution systems. Must have a minimum of three years of postdoctoral training related to advanced microscopy and a minimum of three years teaching, training or supervisory experience. Must have the ability to work in and support multidisciplinary research. Experience in administration and management of scientific budgets and equipment highly desirable.

Additional Details