Rockefeller University Laboratory Coordinator in New York, New York

Job: IRC21228


Job Title Laboratory Coordinator

Laboratory / Department Neurobiology

Department Description

Our aim is to understand mechanisms of sensory processing in the cortex by working at the interface of microcircuitry, receptive field properties, and functional architecture, and to establish the relationship between the operation of neuronal ensembles and perceptual performance. We study the mechanisms of neural integration by exploring how the various sources of inputs to a cell interact to generate its functional properties. A key element in our studies of cortical microcircuitry was the discovery of a plexus of long-range horizontal connections in the cortex, which we now find mediate spatial integration and dynamic properties of cortex. We have studied the functional implications of these connections, exploring how cells responses are modulated by the context within which a stimulus is presented. These results fit with psychophysical studies demonstrating the dependence of perception on context, and lead to a novel view of cortical processing: Adult neurons, rather than having fixed functional properties, are dynamically tuned, changing their specificities with varying sensory experience. We have used these findings as a basis for making computational models relating the properties of neuronal ensembles to perceptual performance. These models enable us to understand how neurons, acting as an interactive ensemble, determine visual attributes in a manner that depends on the conjoint activity within the ensemble.

Detailed Description

The Laboratory Coordinator will oversee the office and laboratory of the Principal Investigator (PI) working in a small lab of 8-10 people. Responsibilities include managing PI's schedule and arranging travel, handling grant/fellowship application and administration, proofreading and submitting manuscripts. Will also be responsible for managing lab finances, including purchasing and personnel, and monitoring the lab's computer and file storage system. Will act as lab liaison to the rest of the university.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree required. Strong organizational skills, experience with Microsoft Word and Excel are necessary, familiarity with Adobe Acrobat and graphics suites is helpful. Willingness to acquire new skills and resourcefulness in seeking out solutions is valued.

Additional Details